Below is a list of several Celones projects. The list hasn't been updated since a long time and a big part of links is dead. An update is planned but now I can wish You fun.

Celones Victoria

Celones Victoria (formerly Matriksoft VictoriaBrowser), version 1.0 is a simple Web browser which enables You, while using the Trident engine, to use the Internet easily and quickly.


  • Microsoft Windows 98 Operating System or newer
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Download version 1.0.5

ShyOS O'Neill

ShyOS™ O'Neill, formerly StephanOS is a Celones project of a 32-bit, multitasking operating system.

Targeted features of the O'Neill edition:

  • multi-tasking
  • multi-user capabilities
  • floppy disk drives and ATA hard disk and optical disk drives support
  • VBE video cards support
  • audio capabilities
  • NDIS network adapter drivers (Microsoft® Windows® compatible)
  • FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and ROMFS file systems support (Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® compatible)
  • Portable Executable object file format
  • sh-compatible text shell
  • clear and intuitive graphical shell
  • Celones™ Victoria™ Internet browser

My Little Donkey

My Little Donkey is a set of artistic works based in the My Little Pony G4 universe.

Novel's FB page (pl) My Little Donkey and the Stork's Dream (pl)


We are proud to present the first draft of the game (of the unknown and modest team Matrubikon) created for the Warsztat Summer of Code 2013!

The team

  • Michał Krakowiak (Rubikshift) - initiator, designer programmer
  • Mateusz Karcz (Matriksoft) - analyst programmer

Origin. In mid-June 2013. Michał Krakowiak came up with the idea of the Rubikshift's Space game. A few days later he shared the vision of the project with Mateusz Karcz, who took up collaboration on it.


  • generating of random universes,
  • character development system,
  • time system (year, month, day),
  • simple quests,
  • travel between planets and interacting with them.

Technical issues. The game will be available for Windows and Linux. It features a text user interface using the PDCurses library. The game is written in C++.


In The Matriksoft's Escape game the player takes the role of a prisoner escaping from a prison. On the way they encounter many obstacles and make many (often difficult) choices.

Information. Game without violence. Game without profanity. Since the age of ten.


  • 32-bit Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or newer
  • 10 MB of free storage space


  • Concept, design and algorithm - Mateusz Karcz
  • General content - Magdalena Fabich and Agnieszka Śledź