Welcome on the Celones Project homepage.

Celones Project is a project being conducted by Mateusz Karcz since 2007. The project mainly concerns programming and information technologies.


Celones Victoria

VictoriaBrowser 1.0 is a simple Web browser which enables You, while using the Trident engine, to use the Internet easily and quickly.

Victoria logo

Rubikshift's Space

In the Space TUI game created in cooperation with Rubikshift, the player acts as a galaxy explorer. The game features a simplicity of the play, a randomly-generated universe and a character development system.

ShyOS O'Neill

A project of a multitasking, multiuser operating system and environment using a micro-kernel concept.

ShyOS logo

My Little Donkey

A character design set in the universe of My Little Pony, as well with a novel and a set of other artistic works.

My Little Donkey logo