Signa commercialia.

The Celones Project has to be synonymous with high-quality computer software, products and services. Celones Project trademarks are extremely valuable because they represent the standards of excellence and consistent quality associated with Celones. This page contains detailed information about how to refer to Celones trademarks in different scenarios.

Using Celones Project trademarks in text

Proper use of Celones trademarks is important. You may use Celones trademarks or product names to refer to Celones products and services provided you follow these guidelines. Your use must not mislead consumers as to any Celones sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, or of your products or services.

You shall properly identify Celones subprojects/products

When referring to Celones software, apply the appropriate trademark symbols in accordance with the list of current Celones Project trademarks.

You shall set Celones trademarks apart from other words or nouns they modify

The common way to set trademarks apart from other words or nouns is to capitalize the product name and use the appropriate trademark symbol and appropriate descriptor. You may also underlining, italic type, or bold type for the name. Examples:


After you install the ShyOS™ operating system


After installing ShyOS programs

You shall use Trademark notices

A notice with following format has to be included in the document's footer:

Celones, Celones logo, VictoriaBrowser and ShyOS are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Mateusz Karcz.

You shall not use inappropriate descriptors

The Celones Project trademarks identify specific products and services. Do not refer to applications, services, or hardware devices that work with Celones products incorrectly. For example, do not refer to products or services that work with the ShyOS operating system as “ShyOS applications,” “ShyOS services,” or “ShyOS hardware.” If necessary, these types of products can be referred to by their relationship to the ShyOS operating system by inserting the word “based” between the name ShyOS and the type of product designed to work with ShyOS.


FooBarXYZ is a ShyOS™-based application


FooBar is a ShyOS application

Company, product, service, domain name

You shall not use or register any Celones Project trademark, including Celones logo, symbols, icons, or any potentially confusing their variations, as part of the company name, trade name, product names, service name, or domain name. Do not place your company name, brand, service or product names next to or connected with Celones product name.

Index Celonum signorum commercialium

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  • Celonum insigne
  • Matriksoft™
  • Matriksoftis insigne
  • ShyOS™
  • Insigne systematis ShyOS
  • Sunny Ray™
  • Victoria™
  • Victoriae insigne
  • vnd.matriksoft™